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Pre-Immigration Tax Planning


Five Tips For Pre-Immigration Tax Planning Before Coming To Canada Despite the ongoing pandemic, Canada is still the land of opportunity drawing many immigrants from all over the world. However, moving to Canada entails several rules and regulations, especially with taxes. And if you’re a newcomer, it becomes imperative to understand how [...]

Pre-Immigration Tax Planning2021-10-29T02:33:44+00:00

CICS : Personal Tax Seminar 2021


CICS : Personal Tax Seminar 2021 This presentation is designed to provide general information about personal tax in Canada. It will talk about tax residency, taxable income, deductions and tax credits. It will also discuss common tax issues for new immigrants, recent tax changes and go through the personal tax checklist. [...]

CICS : Personal Tax Seminar 20212021-02-09T21:00:43+00:00

TCES Seminar (Feb 2021)


TCES: How To Start Your Own Business Seminar M&K partners will present at the TCES How To Start Your Own Business seminar on Feb 10, 2021. Organized by TCES, this seminar will discuss how to start a new business in Canada and what needs to be considered in terms of business [...]

TCES Seminar (Feb 2021)2021-01-29T16:07:35+00:00

Don’t Believe These Myths About Canadian Tax!


Don’t Believe These Myths About Canadian Tax! With immigration and tax laws regularly changing, many people find it difficult to separate fact from fiction. As immigration and tax consultants, M&K CPAs LLP wants to counter any misconceptions about Canadian tax and arm you with the most accurate information. To avoid trouble with [...]

Don’t Believe These Myths About Canadian Tax!2020-11-12T05:11:33+00:00