Pre-Immigration Tax Planning

Five Tips For Pre-Immigration Tax Planning Before Coming To Canada Despite the ongoing pandemic, Canada is still the land of opportunity drawing many immigrants from all over the world. However, moving to Canada entails several rules and [...]

TCES Seminar (Feb 2021)

TCES: How To Start Your Own Business Seminar M&K partners will present at the TCES How To Start Your Own Business seminar on Feb 10, 2021. Organized by TCES, this seminar will discuss how to start [...]

JobSkills Seminar (May 2018)

JobSkills Seminar May2018 M&K partners presented at the Jobskills training program. Being part of the program –Self-employment pathways to new comers, the seminar aimed to provides new comers who wanted to start their own business. Presentation [...]

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