JobSkills Seminar (May 2018)

JobSkills Seminar May2018

M&K partners presented at the Jobskills training program. Being part of the program –Self-employment pathways to new comers, the seminar aimed to provides new comers who wanted to start their own business. Presentation included comparison of incorporation vs sole-proprietorship, determining the legal entity, registration with Government and Compliances, structure of corporation, best practices of Accounting and Bookkeeping; and useful tips in aspects of legal, financing, marketing and technology consideration.

如何在加拿大創業 – 免費講座

想開始自己的個人事業,但係又不了解加拿大的制度和稅務要求?這個講座將會非常適合您! 本講座將介紹在加拿大創業所需的基本知識。 無論您有一個極佳的商業構想,還是已經處於規劃階段,本次活動都能幫助您順利起步,在加拿大成功創業! 日期:2023年11月23日(星期四) 時間:下午 2:30 至 4:00 地點:King City Room - Sheraton Parkway Toronto North Hotel & Suites, 600 Highway 7, Richmond [...]